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Fa Nutrition - Kevin Levrone - Anabolic Iso Whey (2000g) Vergrößern

Kevin Levrone - Anabolic Iso Whey (2000g)

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Serving size:~1 scoop (30 g)

Servings per container: ~30 (908 g); ~66 (2 kg)

Nutrition Value100 g30 g
Energy1600 kJ / 377 kcal478 kJ / 113 kcal
Fat2,8 g0,8 g
  of which saturates1,6 g0,5 g
Carbohydrate3,0 g0,9 g
  of which sugars2,9 g0,9 g
Protein85 g25,5 g
Salt0,45 g0,14 g
Creatine monohydrate10000 mg3000 mg
  of which creatine8400 mg2520 mg
Taurine3333 mg1000 mg
D-aspartic acid1667 mg500 mg